Mariannes Heaven ON Earth Aurora Chaser

Aurora Chaser Tours, Four Seasons Wilderness Experience.
Duevegen 55, 9015 Tromsø (Troms og Finnmark)

Marianne’s Heaven On Earth Aurora Chaser Tour's
Certificate Of Exellence 2019
We are Aurora Hunters.
Who Specialise in Aurora Photography.
We supply everything that you may need for your comfort ; (Camera not included).
No limits to where we might travel to find the aurora , 200 klm radius , Island hopping ,North , South , or East to Finland or Sweden.
Eight persons per mini bus.
We supply following items :
A Professional Monfrotto Tripod with New Type Pistol , Ball , Pan Tilt Heads.
Synthetic Snow Suit with Hood ​ ​and Reflecter Vest for your safety.
Heat pads ,Gloves ,Hats , Socks and Boots with Professional 12 Spike Ice Crampons.
Full Night Photography Tuition, for catching the Aurora and NightScape in all its glory.

Vis mer Live Updates on the Current State of the Auroral oval ;

Planetary : kp index ; ​ 0-10 . Updated Regular .

Interplanetary magnetic field , 24/7.
Live link to the Weather Forecaster.
Live one to one with other Guides on Aurora Hunts .
Two way Radio Contact with our Sister Aurora Chaser Groups.
A very High % of Finding the Aurora ;

3 year average 89%.

We have hot and cold food most nights sometimes heated over an open fire.

All vegetarian meals included.
Free complementary drink.

To warm the cockles of your heart.

Spare Memory Cards for Sale.


PRICE ; 1500 NOK Per Person
Period ;530 pm to 2am / 8 to 10 Hours
Type / Marianne’s Nightly Aurora Hunt ; 530 PM TO 2 AM .

I am Marianne and both my guide and i , are Professional Photographers.
We specialise in all things Rural,Including Flora and Fauna .
I am a native of Tromvik its a small fishing village west of Tromsø,
My family and I , have all lived and worked this land , since the early 1700s .
We would love to share this Beautiful Landscape that we call Heaven on Earth ; with you .
Come join us in my very own Garden of Eden.
See the Fjords and Landscape my way.
Far Far away from the main Tourist Trails.
Hear the tails about the Trolls, and why they turn to Stone.
See inside an old style Norwegian Home.
And listen to the ancient Folklore Stories about this Area.
Enjoy a relaxing Photo Shoot or just take in the stunning Landscape that Surrounds .
Maybe Catch a Glimpse of an Eagle or Humpback Whale, (Seasonal) . in the abundant wild life around these Islands .
This is my Garden and Swimming Pool my Heaven. .
Spectacular Breath Taking Scenery.
Jaw Dropping Fjords.
Beautiful Scenic Trails.
Almost speechless sight's.
Experience inside an old Norwegian Style home.
Look no Further.
As You where meant to be here.
You won’t be disappointed.
40 Years Local knowledge and Experience .

900kr. Start 0800-1300

Mariannes Heaven ON Earth Aurora Chaser, telefonnummer:


Marianne Bergli
daglig leder


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