Why study Spanish in León, Nicaragua? It is an excellent alternative for learning Spanish.
Ulvåsveien 12, 3138 Skallestad (Færder, Vestfold og Telemark - tidl. Vestfold)

León is one of the oldest cities in Nicaragua, founded in the beginning of the 17th century. It has an interesting environment and the history of this town is intriguing. During the revolution of -79 the Sandinistas had their headcuarters here, and the town played an important part in the battle.
Today León is a charming university city with several universities. This gives the town a thriving environment and young students make a significant mark on the town. The public university UNAN León is the oldest in Central America and is strongly prestigeous and very popular.
Tourism is growing, but has not yet changed the town too much. You will find a vivid nicaraguan life and people going about their business as the people of Nicaragua do.
Nightlife is exciting. There are a lot of restaurants and bars where young students meet to socialize. The town also offer several discoteques where you can dance into the small hours. The city is located 15 minutes from long pacific beaches where you can swim, surf and explore the Natural reserve of Juan Venado.

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Spanish courses - beginners - advance
Intensive courses 40-60 hours
Adjusted courses for individual classes or in groups

Specific courses for Non Governmental Organizations

With the motivation to contribute to the increasing of equality in the world,
leonlingua has developed a special program.The program that leonlingua
has developed consist of intensive spanish courses for visitors of different
projects to facilitate their partisipation in these different projects in Nicaragua.
The courses will be designed according to the specific needs of the customers.
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Training courses for Spanish teachers of ELE

We give 2 or 3 weeks course in how to teach Spanish
as a foreign language.
Focus on comunicative methods.

Stay in Nicaragua and improve your Spanish while
getting updated on modern teaching methods.

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