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Since its establishment 20 years ago, Enemona has been developing most actively its business activities in the field of engineering, construction, and assembly works. These are a substantial part of the company's organizational structure. This section carries out its business activities mostly in the fields of nuclear and conventional power engineering and industry. The Engineering, Construction and Assembly Works Division provides services of high added-value such as engineering, project management, and design.

Vis mer Enemona was founded in 1990 by a group of experts who took part in the construction of Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant (Kozloduy NPP). Initially, the company started its activities in the field of assembly works, mostly on the territory of Kozloduy NPP.

We accomplished our first major contract at the power plant in 1992. Despite the hard working conditions and short deadlines, Enemona succeeded in eliminating a failure in the backup electrical power supply of power units 5 and 6 of the plant. The company's participation and excellent performance in the modernization process constituted the decisive success that laid the ground for the establishment of a long-lasting cooperative relationship with the Nuclear Power Plant. Therefore, Enemona quickly earned the reputation of a reliable partner and has been standing up for its good name ever since. In the following years, the company was engaged in numerous reconstruction and modernization projects on different sites of NPP Kozloduy.

As a result of the expansion of its activities in the field of conventional power engineering in the energy complex Maritsa Iztok, in 2002 we established a branch office in the town of Galabovo, which later on developed into a separate joint-stock company.

Enemona Galabovo has proven itself as a leader on the territory of the complex for the last seven years. The company is a desired and reliable partner and subcontractor for the reconstruction and modernization of certain equipment in Maritsa Iztok complex. Since its establishment, Enemona Galabovo has successfully accomplished over 480 contracts for the total amount of more than BGN 81 million.
In 2004, we actively started developing a new business line for us - the energy efficiency. We have invested a large amount of financial and human resources there for the last couple of years. The main business activities of the Energy Efficiency Division include mastering new energy saving technologies, developing new mechanisms for financing energy efficient projects in public and residential buildings, as well as implementing energy saving measures on industrial and infrastructural sites.

Enemona is the first privately-held company in Bulgaria that has successfully carried out an ESCO contract - a contract that guarantees a certain amount of energy savings after the implementation of a package of energy efficiency measures in public buildings. We have strengthened our market positions and have become a market leader among the ESCO companies in the public sector. In 2007, we have successfully developed and mastered the ESCO model in the industrial sector and as a result Enemona signed the first ESCO contract for energy efficiency measures in the industry. We plan to become the leading company in this segment by providing utility services as a part of our synergic model, based upon our know-how.

In December 2005, we founded a new company - Enemona Utilities. Its core business involves electricity trading at freely negotiated prices. In March 2006, the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission issued Enemona Utilities JSC a license for electricity trading for a 10-years' period.

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Enemona Jsc sitt regnskap for 2013 viste en omsetning (driftsinntekter) på NOK 0 med et registrert årsresultat på NOK -11 000 og et resultat før skatt på NOK 0. Balanseregnskapet som er levert og godkjent viser en egenkapital tilsvarende -828 000 og en gjeld summert til 5 983 000.

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